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How to Keep Your French Bulldog from Smelling (10 Tips)

If you’re a Frenchie’s owner, you know your French Bulldog stinks, especially during summertime.

There are several ways you can keep your French Bulldog from smelling bad. The most important thing is understanding the underlying cause of your dog’s bad smells. You can more effectively treat the smell when you know what’s causing it.

In this article, you’ll learn some basic bulldog hygiene tips that will help you keep your French Bulldog from smelling bad.

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Tips to Make Your Frenchie Smell Better

1. Clean their living space and bedding regularly

Since Frenchies often carry odors from their living space, it’s important to make sure their living space and bedding are clean.

You should be washing your dog’s bedding at least twice a month. Ideally, wash your dog’s bedding on a weekly basis.

2. Properly clean their facial folds and wrinkles

Since bacteria in your Frenchie’s folds can cause bad smells and illness, it’s important to clean them regularly.

Use a cotton swab and a washcloth dipped in warm water to gently clean out the folds on your French Bulldog’s face.

Once clean, make sure the folds are completely dry. Even if you clean the folds, damp spaces can attract bacteria and cause bad smells.

3. Carefully clean their ears

Your Frenchie’s upright ears are perfectly shaped to catch debris, pollen, and other irritants. Since this can cause them to get dirty (and smelly), it’s important to regularly clean out their ears.

Use a damp cotton ball (not a cotton swab) dipped in water to gently wipe away dirt, pollen, and loose wax from your French Bulldog’s ears. Clean their ears every week. Increase cleanings if their ears become visibly dirty.

4. Give them a bath with the right shampoo

When you bathe your French Bulldog regularly, their fur is less likely to smell bad. To avoid drying out their natural oils, bath your dog any time they are visibly dirty or smelly.

Use a high-quality dog shampoo, and make sure to fully dry your dog after his bath. Since human shampoos (including baby shampoos) are designed for human skin, they are not a good choice for your dog.

Make sure you’re using a natural shampoo designed for Frenchies since their sensitive skin is prone to irritation.

5. Clean their paws when they come into contact with dirt

Dirty paws can be a cause of bad smells, especially if your dog has recently come into contact with dirt or debris.

If your dog’s paws get dirty or moist, carefully clean them with gentle soap, then dry them to prevent bacterial growth.

Check our French Bulldog paws care guide for more info on how to care for your Frenchie’s paws.

6. Check and clean their tail pocket

French Bulldogs have a spot below their tail called a tail pocket. Their tail pockets can often collect feces and dirt, causing bacteria to grow.

It’s important to carefully inspect and clean this spot on your Frenchie. Use a pet wipe (or a wet baby wipe) to gently clean your dog’s tail pocket on a daily basis.

If you don’t clean their tail pocket daily, it can become red and inflamed, causing pain and a bad smell.

7. Regularly brush their teeth (and invest in other oral hygiene practices)

You should brush your French Bulldog’s teeth on a regular basis. Since many dogs dislike tooth brushing, it’s important to acclimate them to the practice when they’re puppies.

If your Frenchie doesn’t like having his teeth brushed, you can use chew toys and dental wipes to clean your Frenchie’s teeth.

Take your dog for regular dental cleanings to remove any tartar buildup. This will also help you address any ongoing problems with their dental health.

8. Try a spray containing coconut oil

There are lots of sprays that help you keep your dog’s skin and fur smelling fresh. Coconut oil is a natural remedy that helps treat itchy skin, skin inflammation, and irritation from bug bites. It can also help give your dog’s coat a glossy and silky appearance. 

9. Make changes to your Frenchie’s diet

If a low-quality diet causes your dog’s smell, it’s important to make changes and provide your dog with a high-quality diet with full and complete nutrition.

Sometimes, a change in diet can trigger an increase in bad smells. Pay attention to what they’re eating and how it impacts their health. Use that information to find the diet that’s right for your pup.

10. See your dog’s veterinarian

Sometimes, you can’t fix your French Bulldog’s bad smells on your own. Your dog’s veterinarian can help you address the underlying causes of their bad smells. They can treat yeast infections, express anal glands, and diagnose any other problems.

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