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11 Reasons Why Your French Bulldog Stinks So Bad 

French Bulldogs are a breed prone to bad smells for a number of reasons. While some owners adjust to their French Bulldog’s smell, some stink may be caused by underlying causes that need to be addressed.

In the following article, you’ll learn about what things make French Bulldogs stink. We’ve got a great guide that will show you how to keep your Frenchie from smelling.

Make sure to check it out once you know the reasons behind the unpleasant smell from your French Bulldog.

Why Does My French Bulldog Smell Bad?

Your French Bulldog can have a bad smell due to various reasons such as skin or ear infections, dental problems, blocked or infected anal glands, and an unhealthy diet. Additionally, yeast infections caused by trapped food and debris in their skin folds can also contribute to your Frenchie’s bad smell.

Regular cleaning and grooming routines can help prevent bad odors and make your Frenchie smell better.

11 Reasons Why Your French Bulldog Smells

Dog’s natural odor is due to sebaceous glands that produce natural oils to protect their skin.

However, if you notice your French bulldog smells, there could be several reasons for it.

Frenchie pockets, infected ear canals, or infected facial folds are only a few possible reasons for your Frenchie bad smell.

Below we go through eleven reasons why your French Bulldog stinks so bad. Let’s get to it.

1. Your French Bulldog is living in an unhygienic environment

If your Frenchie is spending too much time in an unhygienic environment, their fur may collect dirt and debris.

Over time, this leads to bad smells clinging to your dog’s coat. Not only will this cause a bad smell, but it can lead to illness.

Frenchies shouldn’t be allowed to go wherever they please, especially if they end up in dirty or unhygienic places.

Make sure your dog can’t access trash or other unsafe debris. Regularly clean your dog’s living area, including any spaces in your home where your dog spends time.

2. Your Frenchie is sleeping on unwashed bedding

Your French Bulldog may smell bad because their bedding isn’t washed on a regular basis.

Bad odors may arise when bedding is left unwashed for weeks at a time. Dried skin, dirt, hair, and other debris create an environment ripe for bacterial growth.

3. Your Frenchie has dirty paws

Dirty paws can lead to bad smells, especially when bacteria has had time to grow on your dog’s paws.

If your dog walks through anything dirty or muddy, it’s important to wash his paws to prevent bad smells down the road.

4. Your French Bulldog has dirty ears

French Bulldogs are particularly prone to dirty ears, which can lead to bad smells.

Dead skin cells, bacteria, and excess wax can all lead to bad smells coming from your dog’s ears. If your dog’s ears become infected, this can lead to worsening stink problems.

For step-by-step instructions, follow our guide on how to clean your Frenchie’s ears at home. These steps can make a big difference in preventing your dog from getting ear infections.

5. Your Frenchie is farting

Frenchies are known for being prone to flatulence. Your dog’s farts may be a cause of stink, especially if the smell comes in waves and hits you suddenly.

Certain foods can increase flatulence in dogs. Make changes to your dog’s diet or talk to your dog’s veterinarian if their flatulence becomes a problem.

6. Your Frenchie isn’t eating a healthy diet

The wrong diet may be the cause of your Frenchie’s stink. If your dog is eating low-quality food, they may have worsening flatulence, bad breath, and even bad-smelling skin and fur.

Your dog’s diet should have high-quality ingredients and complete nutrition. If your Frenchie’s bad smell started around the time of a diet change, make sure that their new food isn’t causing the problem.

7. Your French Bulldog is staying damp for long periods of time

Frenchies love water! Whether you’re giving your Frenchie a bath or letting them go for a swim, it’s important to make sure they’re getting completely dry after they’re done.

When your dog stays damp too long, bacterial can grow on their skin (since a warm and moist environment is ideal for bacterial growth). This can be the cause of bad smells.

French Bulldogs are prone to problems when their skin stays damp too long. Make sure you’re getting your dog completely dry anytime they get wet.

This includes carefully drying the folds on their face to prevent bacterial growth. You can either use a towel or a hairdryer on a low or medium heat setting.

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8. Your Frenchie’s anal glands are causing problems

Your Frenchie may produce a strong, fishy scent from their anal glands. If their glands are the cause of the smell, you might also notice your dog dragging their butt across the floor or licking their butt for excessive amounts of time.

This is not only a cause for odor but may be extremely uncomfortable for your dog. You can take your Frenchie to the vet to have their anal glands expressed. This process can decrease the smell and increase your dog’s comfort.

9. Your Frenchie has a yeast infection

Yeast infections can cause inflamed and itchy skin and a worsening bad smell. Some people compare the smell of a yeast infection to the smell of popcorn or corn chips.

If you notice that your Frenchie has signs of a yeast infection, you need to see their veterinarian for prompt medical treatment.

10. Your French Bulldog’s skin folds and wrinkles may be holding bacteria and debris

The skin folds on Frenchies are prone to problems because they can hold bacteria and debris. When these folds aren’t cleaned regularly, debris can cause irritation and infection.

This can lead to further health problems for your Frenchie. Cleaning (and thoroughly drying) your dog’s folds and wrinkles can reduce the stink.

11. Your Frenchie needs better oral hygiene

You should brush your Frenchie’s teeth on a regular basis. Bad breath is one of the many reasons why your French Bulldog may stink.

If the problem seems to be coming from their mouth instead of their body, take steps to invest in better oral hygiene for your Frenchie.

Wrap-Up: Why Do French Bulldogs Stink?

If your French Bulldog’s smell is new or worsening, it might be a sign that something is wrong. Bacterial growth is a common cause of stink in dogs. Since Frenchies have so many folds and wrinkles, they are often prone to bacterial growth. 

Properly cleaning your Frenchie and their space will resolve most problems with their smell. However, other causes of bad smell may require veterinary attention.

Take your dog to see his veterinarian if you suspect an infection. Your dog’s vet can provide medical treatment and provide further advice on how to keep your dog from smelling bad.

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