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10 Hilarious Things Only French Bulldog Owners Would Understand

Owning a French Bulldog can be a lot of fun. From their stinky fart to their loud snoring and their stubbornness, here are ten things only French Bulldog owners would understand.

1. You are frequently asked if your Frenchie is a Boston terrier or pug

frenchie walking on leash outside

People will always ask, “Is that a Pug or a Boston Terrier?” Brace yourself – explaining that your buddy is a Frenchie is a daily talk.

2. French bulldogs sit like a human

Imagine walking into your Frenchie sitting like this.

3. Frenchies can have a stubborn streak

Sometimes, they’re on their own agenda. Yep, Frenchies can be a bit stubborn. Good luck getting them to follow your lead.

4. Your French bulldog thinks you’re the one that needs to be trained

dog owner trains her French Bulldog

Training? It’s more like your Frenchie schooling you. Be prepared to take lessons from your furry professor.

5. Sneeze Symphony

A French bulldog sneezing

Bless you! Frenchies tend to be sneezy, adding a cute but unpredictable twist to their daily antics.

6. Your bed is no longer just your bed

Even the most comfortable dog bed won’t stop Frenchies from sleeping in your bed.

7. French bulldogs fart like crazy

As a brachycephalic breed, French bulldogs swallow a lot of air when eating, which makes them fart a lot.

8. It can be tough to look after Frenchies

French bulldog with allergies lying on the floor

As cute and funny as they are, sadly, even the best-bred French bulldog will have health problems.

9. They want to say hi to everyone on walks

Everyone’s a friend! Get ready for your Frenchie wanting to greet the whole neighborhood – they’re the ultimate socialite.

10. They sleep 99% of the time

Zzz… Frenchies are pros at sleeping. I swear they’re always napping. They’re either napping or lying down.

11. French bulldogs can’t stand hot weather

Hot weather isn’t their jam. Take them out on a sunny day, and they’ll get a heat stroke.

12. Their snore could wake up the neighbors

Cute French bulldog snoring

French bulldogs snore so loud they could wake up the whole neighborhood. I’m not even kidding. It’s like having a mini bulldozer at home. You should see this.

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Lisemaine is a dog lover. She currently owns two Frenchies and enjoys working with and training them. She'll share her best tips with you to keep your Frenchie happy, healthy, and active.

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