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French Bulldog Shedding (7 Tips to Reduce Shedding)

French Bulldogs are a much-loved breed for their small size and spunky personality. However, some people adopt the breed, believing that it is hypoallergenic (or at least sheds less than other breeds). Unfortunately, this is not the case.

In the article below, you’ll learn about how often French Bulldogs shed. You’ll also get some insights into how to prevent excessive shedding in your Frenchie.

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Do French Bulldogs Shed?

Yes, French Bulldogs do shed. In fact, they shed quite a lot for a small dog. It’s typical for a Frenchie to shed throughout the year, although they shed their undercoat twice yearly (during the summer and winter).

french bulldog shedding

They shed their undercoat to help prevent them from overheating in the summer. In the winter, their summer coat is replaced with a thicker coat to provide added warmth.

You may not notice their shedding as much as larger dog breeds since Frenchies have short, fine hair. That means that when they shed, there is less hair on your home’s surfaces.

Still, they can shed quite a bit. You’ll likely notice hair on your hands or clothing when you handle your French Bulldog (by petting it or picking it up). Their continuous shedding means that what little hair they have will end up everywhere.

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Signs of French Bulldog Excessive Shedding

The longer you take care of your Frenchie, the more you’ll grow accustomed to their shedding cycles.

However, excessive shedding can be a sign of serious health conditions. Bald spots on your Frenchie’s coat could be a sign of an underlying medical condition.

If you suspect a medical cause to your French Bulldog’s extra shedding, contact your dog’s veterinarian.

The following are conditions that may cause excessive shedding in your Frenchie:

  • Change in medication
  • Sunburn
  • Improper nutrition
  • Allergy
  • Yeast infection
  • Bacterial infection
  • Insect bites
  • Ingredients in your dog’s shampoo
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Stress

If you suspect your Frenchie might be allergic to something in his environment, try eliminating that substance to see if the excessive shedding improves.

When in doubt, contact your dog’s veterinarian for an evaluation. He or she may be able to find out the cause of your dog’s excessive shedding.

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Causes of Shedding in French Bulldogs

There are a number of things that may cause your French bulldog to shed more than normal.

causes of shedding in French bulldogs

While the section above covered medical causes of excessive shedding, the following are seven other things that may be causing your furry friend’s extra shedding.

1. Age

Your Frenchie’s age plays a role in their shedding. Most dogs go through a period where they shed their puppy coat. This typically occurs between four to six months of age.

You may also notice your dog sheds more in adulthood, largely because your dog is bigger and has more hair to shed in the first place.

2. Weather Changes

Due to temperature changes, your French Bulldog will shed more during the summer and winter.

If your Frenchie is shedding extra during these seasons, it could be part of this natural process.

3. Nutritional Needs

Your dog may shed more when his nutritional needs aren’t being met. French Bulldogs, like all dogs, need vitamins and other nutrients to create healthy hair follicles.

When their hair follicles are healthy, they won’t shed excessively. Dogs need omega-3 fatty acids, which help with hair growth.

4. Dehydration

If your dog isn’t getting enough water, his skin can become dehydrated. This can cause excessive shedding since your dog’s skin health is directly related to the health of their coat.

Learn how to keep your French Bulldog cool, especially during summertime, to prevent dehydration.

5. Allergies

Depending on the breed, your Frenchie may be allergic to a number of things: medication, ingredients in their shampoo, or something in their environment.

For example, Frenchies with short fur, such as the Fluffy French Bulldog or the Lilac French Bulldog, tend to shed more than those with short fur.

If your French Bulldog’s excessive shedding is a recent development, consider anything new in his environment that may be triggering an allergic reaction.

By using a process of elimination, you may uncover what’s causing your pup’s excessive shedding. If the excess shedding continues, consult your dog’s veterinarian to help uncover the root cause.

6. Sunburn

Since French Bulldogs have a thin coat, they are often prone to sunburn. Sunburn can dry out your dog’s skin, causing extra shedding.

While a cold compress can help relieve your dog’s sunburn pain, you should contact your dog’s veterinarian for additional guidance in treating sunburn. In some cases, your Frenchie may need antibiotics to treat a sunburn.

7. Stress

Stress is one of the most common causes of excessive shedding in dogs. Life changes like a new home or added family members may cause extra stress for your dog.

While change cannot be avoided, it’s important to provide extra care to your stressed-out pup during these times.

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Tips to Stop Your Frenchie’s Shedding

Unfortunately, your dog’s shedding cannot be entirely avoided. To some extent, you’ll have to accept that your Frenchie will shed some amount all the time.

Despite this, there are seven things you can do to prevent excessive shedding in your dog.

1. Brush Your Frenchie’s Coat Often

To reduce shedding, you should take care to brush your Frenchie’s coat every other day at a minimum.

When possible, brush your Frenchie’s hair every single day. This can help remove loose hairs before they end up on your home’s surfaces.

Use a brush designed to help with the unique needs of your Frenchie. The Frenchie World Silicone Brush Glove is a popular choice since it helps pick up and remove loose hairs from your dog’s coat.

Say Goobye to Shedding

frenchie shedding furminator brush

The FURminator, designed to minimize shedding in all dogs, is a safe and effective tool with a curved edge for comfort. It reduces loose hair without cutting the skin or damaging the coat, ensuring ease of use.

2. Use Proper Bathing Routines

Bathing your French Bulldog too often can actually increase your dog’s shedding. Since bathing too often can cause dry or irritated skin, it often leads to increased shedding. Additionally, some shampoos may irritate your dog’s skin.

When you do bathe your Frenchie, make sure to rinse out all the shampoo. Shampoo residue may also increase your dog’s shedding.

Say Hi to Shiny Coat

pet shampoo shed control

This shampoo shed control will make the hair on your dog very shiny and smell great. And it works great on dogs with sensitive skin without drying out their skin. 

If sensitivity to one of the ingredients in your dog’s shampoo seems to be aggravating your pup’s shedding, switch to a hypoallergenic dog shampoo designed for dogs with sensitive skin.

3. Make Sure Your French Bulldog Has a Balanced Diet

Your French bulldog’s diet affects how much he sheds. Dogs should get plenty of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to promote a healthy coat.

Healthy skin and glossy coat

frenchie skin care coat

This supplement, rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and enhanced with Salmon Oil, is ideal for reducing dog shedding. It supports healthy skin, promotes a glossy coat, and maintains moisture.

4. Ask Your Dog’s Veterinarian About Shedding Supplements

There are a number of nutritional supplements on the market to help reduce the amount of shedding in your dog.

Fish oil supplements can be particularly useful for the health of your dog’s skin and coat. However, you should always ask your dog’s veterinarian before starting him on any supplement.

5. Make Sure Your Frenchie is Properly Hydrated

Dehydration can cause your French Bulldog to shed more than usual. In addition to providing proper nutrition, you need to make sure your Frenchie is getting proper hydration.

They should be drinking at least one ounce of water for each pound they weigh every single day.

Unfortunately, some dogs just don’t drink enough water. You can encourage your Frenchie to drink more water by adding water to their food, giving them treats or praise when they drink, or setting their water bowl near their bed or crate.

6. Catch Your Frenchie’s Hair Before It Sheds

Invest in a vest or sweater for your Frenchie to wear. This can help you keep their fur off your home’s surfaces.

However, it’s important to make sure any clothes aren’t contributing to overheating since your dog may be shedding their winter coat in an attempt to cool off.

7. Cover Important Surfaces in Your Home

There are many products to help you reduce the amount of pet hair that gets on your home’s surfaces.

If you’re concerned about your dog’s hair ending up on your couch, invest in a couch cover or place a blanket where your Frenchie likes to sit.

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Final Thoughts on French Bulldog Shedding

Although French Bulldogs are a small dog breed, they manage to shed a lot. Despite their fur being thinner and shorter, their hair still manages to end up everywhere.

In addition to shedding throughout the year, Frenchies shed their coats in the summer and winter to adapt to changes in temperature.

Even though some amount of shedding should be expected, some things may cause your French Bulldog to shed more than normal.

These things include a poor diet, inadequate hydration, allergies, sunburn, stress, or an underlying medical condition.

If you aren’t sure what’s causing your dog’s increased shedding, set up an appointment to get evaluated by your dog’s veterinarian.

In the meantime, you can take several important steps to reduce your dog’s excessive shedding.

In addition to providing proper nutrition and hydration, use regular grooming to help remove loose hair before it falls out. You can also use products to cover and protect surfaces that need to remain fur-free.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about shedding management for French Bulldogs.

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